We Need to Talk about Tampons

We Need to Talk about Tampons

Erin Burt

Conventional pads and tampons aren’t very environmentally friendly. That aside, they can also cause harm to your body. Toxic Shock Syndrome from tampon use is a real thing. It may not happen very often, but when it does it can be serious.

Pads are made with chemicals that cause irritation, rashes, and other health risks. Not mention the cost (the average woman spends $5,600 on feminine care over a lifetime) and the inconvenience of having to run out to the store when you find only one left in the box. So what’s a girl to do?

There are many healthier, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly options out there:

Cloth pads are reusable, have cute designs and are safer on your skin. Pink Daisy brand has a stay dry side that touches your skin and absorbent microfiber inside. They have snaps that close underneath your underwear to keep it in place.

Menstrual cups have gotten a lot of attention as a replacement to tampons. MMB has a lot of great options, but the one that seems to be a crowd favorite is The Diva Cup. It is worn low, so no need to touch the flow and can be worn for up to 12 hours before cleaning.

Period panties are also a newcomer on the scene. Thinx is a popular brand, and they really do work. You can choose light, medium or a heavy flow pair. The heavy flow holds up to two tampons worth but wicks away moisture keeping you dry, and they are also antimicrobial.

So what happens when you’re out and about? Carry a small wetbag with you and throw your used product in there. It will keep secure and leak free until you get home. There are pros and cons to each of these, but there is one for every lifestyle, need and budget.

Lisa is a woman who as ditched her traditional feminine care products and hasn’t looked back since.

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