What I Learned Buying Groceries Online

What I Learned Buying Groceries Online

Erin Burt

After having my fourth baby, I was ready to try the latest trend to make my life a little easier: online grocery shopping. My oldest children were in school during the day. I didn’t want to spend baby’s naptime walking the aisle of the grocery store, and I certainly didn’t want to take all four kiddos to the store after school. I opted to try out Wal-Mart online grocery shopping.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

To do online shopping at Walmart, simply download the app and add groceries to your cart. Check out using a credit card and choose your pick up time. Then just pull up to the designated area at the store, and your shopper will load your groceries into your car, even while the baby naps in the carseat! The best part about it is that there is no extra fee! So you don’t spend extra money, but you save a ton of time.

Instacart Grocery Delivery

Other online shopping options include Instacart, which delivers your groceries from local grocery stores right to your doorstep. There are extra fees for this option, but you don’t even have to leave the house! Check to see what stores are available in your area.

Kroger Clicklist

Another option is Kroger ClickList, which I don’t have in my area, but my friends have used. They tell me it is similar to Walmart grocery pick up and really love using it.

Online grocery shopping has been a lifesaver for this momma of four. I love that there are options that have no extra fees, yet save me lots of time. And saving me the hassle of shopping with all of my kids is an amazing bonus.

Wendy is a mother of four who lives in central Illinois where she blogs at TheMessyMom.net, while ordering her groceries online.

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