When your Nursing Days are Over

When your Nursing Days are Over

Abbie @ MMB

I think we all feel it as moms. We wonder when our last day will be with a little nursling. I know I’ve thought about it often with each of my kids. It’s something you work on, cherish, and then one day it ends. With my third baby, I’ve sat and pondered it because I know there most likely won’t be another baby to fill this void.

So what do you do when your nursing days are over?


Nursing is an investment! I have spent money on several items during my nursing journey. I have some adorable nursing covers. I’ve bought reusable nursing pads. I have a Medela breast pump complete with a hands-free bra. Many women buy expensive nursing bras and tanks to use while breastfeeding, as well. I plan on donating my items or passing them onto a friend in need.

While some items, like a breast pump are really a single-user product, someone can surely use a new nursing cover or half used box of nursing pads.


If you’re done with your breastfeeding journey, it’s time to celebrate. There is a little bit of freedom, after all. I look forward to being able to go to a movie at my daughter’s bedtime someday when she doesn’t need mommy to soothe her to sleep. Celebrate that you can wear your cute bras again!

Don’t forget the great accomplishment, either. Whether you nursed your children for a few weeks, months, or years, celebrate. You rock. You did it. They may not remember it someday, but you won’t forget.

Share the Wisdom.

It’s amazing what you learn through breastfeeding. When my first daughter was born, I used a nipple shield and basically starved her for days. By baby three, nursing was pretty much a breeze. You start to recognize things like poor latch, mastitis, plugged ducts, etc.

Share your wisdom with other new moms who may not know all of the ins and outs of breastfeeding. If you’re super passionate, look into volunteering with your local WIC office or even becoming a certified lactation consultant. Use the wisdom and empower other new mommas with good information, not advice. 

While I plan on breastfeeding my Audrey until she decides we are done, I do look forward to looking back fondly on nursing. Some day she won’t need me in the middle of the night, but for tonight I will wake with her, rock her and sing softly while she nurses back to sleep. To me, breastfeeding is a precious gift and one I plan to give freely.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of three in Arkansas where she is thankful for nursing and the bond it creates with her babies.

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