Why Kids Love Fat Brain Toys

Why Kids Love Fat Brain Toys

Erin Burt

I make an effort to get toys that have lasting power. Toys that are fun, educational, sturdy and help kids to have a, as their slogan says, “Smarter way to play.” Fat Brain offers what is called open-ended play opportunities with their toys, which means that kids are able to express themselves freely and foster their creativity through toys that have multiple uses instead of preset limitations

And this is why Fat Brain Toys are the best! They have so many cool toys that are developmentally age specific, but most are enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Squigz is probably one of their most popular toys. These little suction cups of fun stick to each other, the bathtub, the car window, the airplane window, tables, walls…pretty much anything. They encourage creativity, fine motor skills, and an early love for engineering.

It doesn't get much cooler than Whirly Squigz. These are essentially fidget spinners for babies but without the safety concerns! They are bright, mesmerizing spinners with a suction cup so they can join their Squigz friends in all the fun places. These also are great for developing cause-effect learning and sensory exploration. And I can attest that babies and adults alike love playing with these. 

The Oombee Cube is great for a few reasons. It is a shape sorting toy but even though it has pieces, everything is attached so no worry about losing anything. It has a soft feel to it, which is great for sensory development, as well as teaching visual-spatial skills with its six shapes and colors.

For older kids (5-6), Offbits vehicles and robots help budding engineers really get into building with nuts and bolts creating neat little creatures in a variety of ways. Coming in several colors, they encourage fine motor skills, planning, critical thinking, problem-solving and imaginative play. What’s not to love about that?

Also for older kiddos, Clip Cloppers remind me a little of traditional stilts but a lot less scary. They are designed to look and sound just like horse hooves. Kids get out and get active while clip clopping away developing gross motor skills, coordination and imaginative play.

And for the bathtub, the Dripdrip turns simple water play into a water laboratory extraordinaire. My 22-month old daughter has tossed aside all of her other tub toys for this. The silicone cups rest on suction rings and create a rain effect as each is lined up with each other. At the bottom is the propeller that will spin when the water reaches it.

Basically, you can't go wrong with any of the Fat Brain toys. They are fun, inspire creative play and most ages will get a kick out of playing with them. 

Lisa is a mom to a wonderful, curious toddler who absolutely loves all of her Fat Brain toys.

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