Why You Need a Learning Tower

Erin Burt


The Learning Tower is one of those products at MMB that I always had my eye on. It was when my 12-month old turned into a baby sloth and was constantly hanging off of our legs when we tried to cook that I made the purchase. Let me just say that this is the BEST thing I have ever bought from MMB and it has transformed our time in the kitchen from that of frustration to enjoyment.

First, the logistics: I feel very confident of my daughter’s safety when she is on it. It fits flush up against counters so she is very well supported all around from falling off.  It is very sturdy and allows kids to safely crawl up on it, and safely stay in it, while at the kitchen counter. The platform on it adjusts easily to grow with your child, it is simple to clean, comes in a variety of colors, and has a non-toxic finish.

Our lives were changed once we started using it. She was no longer a leg clinger and was so happy to be at counter level and part of the action. I can give her little jobs to do so she is involved in making dinner. Other times, I can set up her crayons and playdough to keep her entertained while I wash dishes. She loves to pretend to cook with her own little utensils and pots and pans while I am at the stove.

And perhaps the coolest part is that The Learning Tower can hold up to 500lbs! Which means that I can get on it for hard-to-reach house projects and feel secure.

Apart from being incredibly functional, they are also built for fun. Accessories like a dual chalkboard/dry-erase easel attachment makes it an instant art station. There are covers that transform your learning tower into a lemonade or ice cream stand and my daughter likes to stand at hers and use it as a desk.

Lisa is mom to a wild toddler and feels good knowing that time in the kitchen is now a lot safer and more fun thanks to The Learning Tower.

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