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Since 1984, Girasol wraps have been handwoven using fair trade in Guatemala. These wraps break in easily and are adored by babywearers worldwide.
The wovens are made using pure, untreated cotton that has neither been pre-bleached or chemically treated. Girasol does not use formaldehyde, halogen-organic compounds, aromatic amines or brighteners.
Girasol's weavers are masters of a very difficult and ancient skill: diagonal weaving. This traditional weaving processing makes each wrap unique. It is common for wraps to have small weavers knots, occasional skipped threads in the design, or slightly loose pieces of yarn (pulls). These "nubs and slubs" have no effect on the safety or quality of the carrier. Another variance that is often encountered with Girasol is the placement of the middle marker. This tag, which is sewn into the center of each wrap to mark the middle, can vary in placement from the true center to several inches off center. 
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