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Wildflowers are my muse. They grow free, wild and everywhere, lighting up coastal cliffs, highways, concrete and meadows. I've always been drawn to people who embody this freedom of spirit. Hi Wildflower Botanica comes from a desire to nourish people with gifts from the natural world, especially flowers, which compose the heart of a scent. 

The sustainable and ethically sourced botanicals I use come from all over the world, allowing the wearer of Hi Wildflower perfumes to connect to the faraway allure of Egyptian neroli, Indian jasmine or Somalian myrrh with just a dab. The packaging is comprised of ecologically sound paper and biodegradable materials. Any synthetic fragrance materials used in the perfumes is the finest quality raw perfumery material, meant to add complexity and layers of nuance to each and every handcrafted scent.

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