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Home KoKadi Woven Wraps - Slings - FLIPs - Water Carriers
Kokadi is a Germany woven wrap company that has been creating stylish, colorful and trendsetting woven wraps and slings since mid-2010. Their philosophy is to bring joy and fashion through their wraps. Every wrap is lovingly designed and planned to coordinate perfectly.

Woven Wraps made from Organic Cotton

The cotton that Kokadi uses for its woven wraps is milled from organic cotton, and then dyed the desired color using safe dyes. These dyes do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances such as formaldehyde. These wraps are made for baby and mom and the fabric is kind and safe for the skin.

Kokadi Wrap Dimensions 

Kokadi wraps are made with a double-fringed selvage or self-finished edge creating stability when worn. The center is easily identifiable by a top and bottom Kokadi label. 
Kokadi woven wraps are easy to wrap with and are great for older children as they are very wide at approximately 27.5 in or 70 cm.  The ends of each end of the wrap are cut into diagonal slants, which helps leave less bulk at the end of your tie and also makes knot tying easier. 
Kokadi wraps are tested up to a weight of approximately 220 lbs or 100 kg,, more than adequate to secure your little one.
If you need help deciding what size woven wrap to choose, please see our woven wrap size guide.