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La Petite Creme is the ultimate French parents' trick to a safe, healthy and easy diapering routine. 

Watch La Petite Creme in action in this tutorial (step by step instructions below): 


Step-by-step instructions
How to change a diaper with La Petite Creme:

La Petite Creme - Tutorial

  1. Open the dirty diaper (disposable or cloth diaper)
  2. (for poopy diaper) Remove poop roughly with the diaper
  3. Take a plain cotton pad or a soft cotton washcloth 
  4. Use the handy lotion pump to put the necessary amount of lotion on the cotton/washcloth
  5. Wipe the skin with the lotion impregnated cotton/washcloth to clean off all the pee/poop
  6. When the skin is nice and clean, place the new diaper on
  7. Leave the oily residue on the skin - this is the magic sauce!

And Voila! Your baby's skin is now naturally clean and disinfected PLUS the thin layer of oil that will remain on the skin will create a natural shield against future contact with pee or poop. Brilliant!

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