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Natibaby Woven Wraps are woven wraps that come in a wide range of high quality fabric choices. These wraps are beautiful, comfortable, functional and unique. Whether you need something light weight or something to keep you cozy in the winter, Natibaby has just the wrap
for you and your baby. 
  • Cotton: Natibaby woven wraps 100% cotton for children are very universal. You can carry it all year. Mamas often choose woven cotton wraps as first wrap.
  • Linen: These wraps are very breathable and comfortable. Each wrap will have a unqiue blend of cotton and linen.
  • Ramie: This blend is amazing! With 13% silk, 19% ramie, 68% cotton it is soft and welcoming.
  • Silk: With a creative blend of 30% silk and 70% cotton, these wraps are silky yet practical and 100% luxurious.
  • Natural Bamboo: These wraps are made from 12% natural bamboo, 88% cotton.
  • Wool: These super soft and cozy wraps are made from 30% merino wool and 70% cotton.
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