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WIPOUCH is a system to store and carry your wet wipes both at home and on the go. Not only WIPOUCH is great for baby wipes, in fact, all kind of wet wipes can be stored in WIPOUCH especially those that has a stick-on lid that can easily get dirts and become non-sticky anymore which could leave wipes dry. WIPOUCH comes in 2 sizes for those who love to carry a small amount of wipes, and for some who feels secure to bring more wipes.

WIPOUCH30 to fit approximately 30 wet wipes and use in particular for daily outings. WIPOUCH30 is super light and compact which means can easily fit in your crowded baby changing bag, in the snack bag or even your daily clutch bag! Comes with a strap that is easily detachable so you can hang WIPOUCH everywhere you go and be ready for all kind of messy moments.

WIPOUCH60 to fit approximately 60 wet wipes and used for at home or a longer outings. WIPOUCH60 can be used to store leftover wet wipes from the opened packaging when filling WIPOUCH30. Not only for wet wipes, WIPOUCH60 can also be used to store cloth wipes! Even though it can fits a lot, WIPOUCH60 is collapsible so it doesn't take unnecessary space in your diaper bag. When half-full, WIPOUCH60 can also be hang using the strap from WIPOUCH30 and clip it on the hole at the zipper. 



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