Kokadi Woven Wrap | Mr. Wunderland (cotton) Size 4

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Guess what's going to happen when we interlace the color combination of a great kokadi wrap with one of the favorite design of our kokadi fans?
Exactly! Mr. Wunderland.
This wrap should be particularly loved by babywearing Dads .
The beautiful wonderland design in proven Jacquardweaving is now available in classic black and white. So you babywear your sweet baby into into the world. And shhh : The wrap is also perfect for moms .
Why You need a Size 4
  1. With the single pass options, these are perfect for those hot stuffy days.
  2. Since the amount of material you are handling is significantly less than your longer lengths, it makes for the perfect size for those toddlers that are up and down since the wrap will fold up small enough for the diaper bag when not in use.

Single pass carries with your size 4 wrap:
  • hip carry with a slip knot
  • classic hip carr
  • ruck tied under bum or at shoulder 

Material: 100 % cotton ( certified organic )

Color: Black / White

Weaving : Jacquard