Baby's Last Bottle

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My sweet girl,

It’s been a long journey for us so far. We’ve had a lot of firsts and lasts already. Your first attempt at nursing, and your last. Late nights of me pumping and you eating with your dad, or you eating, and sleeping next to me while I pump. We’ve made it through almost an entire upright freezer of frozen milk. We’ve made it through a lot you, your dad, me, and my pump. We’ve gone on trips, survived holidays. One of the most hilarious moments was when your dad fed you while I pumped in the back of a Lowe's parking lot late at night when I’d forgotten my pumping cover up and had to use one of your blankets. That was a moment to remember!

Yes, lots of firsts and lasts, and now we’ve found ourselves at another last. This is your last bottle of fresh milk. Tomorrow, you don’t know it, but you’ll be getting sippy cups and frozen milk. It won’t matter to you, you’ve been getting sippy cups for awhile, but it will matter to me. I’ve finally finished weaning from pumping and I’m looking forward to not cleaning pump parts, or carrying frozen milk back home from work every day. I’ll get more sleep at night, and have fewer chores to do. But I’ll miss knowing that I’m actively involved in your sustenance anymore.

So tonight to mark the occasion, you’ve got one last fresh bottle, and some dedicated snuggle time. I’ll talk to you about all the cool things you can do now that you’re getting bigger, and all the freedom we’ll have for more fun adventures! We’ll have more snuggles, books, and playing. And when you’re asleep I’ll wash all the pump parts and bottles one last time and pack them away. I’ll do a happy dance because I don’t have to pack my pumping bag for work tomorrow, and I’ll celebrate with your dad that we don’t have to wash pump parts tomorrow night.

I won’t miss pumping, but I’m a little sad that you’re just a little bit more independent. You’re a little bit more grown up, but you’ll always be our girl. Happy fresh milk dreams my little pumpling.

Love always,


Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her husband and little girl and doesn’t miss pumping at all, but she does miss her baby being tiny


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Thank you for sharing this. I exclusively pumped for my fourth baby. My 3 boys nursed with no issues, but my daughter had tongue and lip ties. Even after revision, she never learned to nurse and eventually refused to try. I pumped until her first birthday and she is still getting frozen breastmilk at 18 months.

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