Solutions for Heavy Wetters

Erin Burt

I started cloth diapering my girl at about 2 months old. I learned very quickly that cloth is a different animal than disposables. I found myself with leaks and it took a little bit of trial and error to find solutions to make our system work for us. I started with some cheap microfiber diapers that a couple of my friends said were wonderful. Once my girl got about 6 months old though, I realized that those diapers weren’t going to cut it for us. I very quickly learned that my daughter is a “heavy wetter.” I did some research and learned I needed to invest in some more serious diaper solutions.

Fit Check
The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you’ve got a good fit. No matter how bullet proof your diaper solution is, if you don’t have a good fit your diapers will leak. Here’s a graphic I use from the Fluff Love & CD Science group on Facebook to help you work on your diaper’s fit.

Diaper Materials
I learned a lot about different diaper material options. Microfiber tends to hold less but absorb quickly. Bamboo absorbs more liquid, but also more slowly. Hemp absorbs the slowest, but absorbs the most liquid. When dealing with a heavy wetter, I always like to stick to natural fibers, bamboo and hemp work well in my house. 

GroVia O.N.E.
I invested in a few of these great GroVia O.N.E. diapers. I use these when I need to take my girl out of the house for a few hours and don’t want to necessarily have to change a diaper. These babies are also perfect for overnight. You’ll want to make extra sure you get a good fit with these though. Once you’ve done it a few times it’ll be natural, but don’t be surprised if the first couple of times you have some fit problem leaks. The lack of hip snaps is a little tricky.

Best Bottoms
These diapers are awesome for heavy wetters! Best Bottoms has many different insert options you can add into your diapers depending on how much absorbency you need at the moment. You can choose to add an extra layer when you’re going grocery shopping, or baby wearing, or go down a little when you’re at home and have time for extra changes and don’t want to do as much laundry. I love having options, and Best Bottoms diapers give me that opportunity!

Sloomb Wool
Another great option, that is totally different from other diaper options is wool from Sloomb. Lots of moms swear by wool for their heavy wetters. It does require special care, but wool is a great option once you make the switch!

Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her husband and heavy wetter toddler and is happy to have finally found an overnight diaper that works!


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