Get Organized with Mom's Milk Boutique

Get Organized with Mom's Milk Boutique

Wendy Smith

When you’re a mom, keeping your home neat and tidy can be a challenge. If you’re like me, you just need things to be clean and organized. Marie Kondo is gaining some popularity lately with her show on Netflix, “Tidying Up.” The first episode, no surprise, features a couple who is overwhelmed and stressed because of the mess in their home and the impact their 2 small children have on it all. Moms everywhere are adapting new ways to organize and keep things together. I’m not going to lie. I like Marie Kondo. I like to watch the show, but I also like my kids to have fun stuff. Here are some ways to keep your home organized with MMB products.


One of my favorite things about MMB is the toy selection. I love finding new, creative toys for my kids. Our home is full of Melissa and Doug toys. We love the wooden food toys. We store these in Rubbermaid containers that are easy to access and keep together. Another popular item in my house are the Gonge Riverstones. These are easy to keep tidy because they stack on top of each other and store under a bed. Legos are another toy that MMB has started to carry. We love duplo legos, and as my kids get older we are enjoying the more difficult sets. However, I am sometimes at a loss on how to organize these. For us, keeping the sets together is key. I purchased some large Ziploc bags and we keep the sets in the bags after they come out of the boxes. Then, each bag goes into a container, so my kids can easily identify the sets.  


Another item I love to buy from MMB is Jujube. Jujube provides high quality mom bags that are machine washable, stylish, and versatile. I use my Jujube in my diaper bag, in my bathroom, and even in my kids' lunches. For me, the easiest way to store Jujube is to do the bag-within-a-bag method. You simply put smaller bags inside bigger bags. Then, you make sure any handles are visible for easy access. After this, you can hang them in a closet or store them up on a shelf. I like to keep my Jujube items that are the same print together.

Smaller Items

MMB has some amazing chocolate and caramels. Wetbags make great storage containers for mommy’s chocolates or caramels.

MMB has a great selection of children’s books and art supplies, as well. In my home, the best way to keep these neat and tidy is to avoid buying excess and keep things visible in a container. We simply get the container out when we want to color or do a sticker activity. The Melissa & Doug puffy sticker sets have been a favorite lately.

So, moms, what have you done to organize and keep your home tidy? I am no expert like Marie Kondo, but I have learned a lot over the last 7 years in this journey of motherhood. As we prepare for our fourth child, I am learning I will need to adapt and learn more to make room and keep our things tidy. 

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 3 in Arkansas where she lives, writes, and organizes on a weekly basis.

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