Gifts for Expecting Moms

Gifts for Expecting Moms

Wendy Smith2/17/19

When I was pregnant I obviously loved receiving gifts for baby on the way, but I was super appreciative of those gifts that were just for me.

Some of my favorite things were from the Earth Mama Angel, a company created by an amazing mama/nurse/avid herbalist who put her love and devotion of all three passions into her amazing products. From 100% organic tea to help relieve heartburn, the best lip balms I have ever used, to belly oil to help comfort skin and stretch marks, and lots of other amazing products. Earth Mama makes creating a personalized gift basket easy peasy.

Motherlove is another great company started by a family that also took their love of nature and used it to create amazing, natural maternity products. The Nurturing Life Gift Box takes the guesswork out of what to get mama-to-be and has products for both pregnancy and labor.

MMB also has a lot of new bath & body products that will make a great gift basket so she can pamper herself. Harper + Ari makes deliciously smelling exfoliating sugar cubes to rejuvenate dull skin. Follow that with the lip balms and body butters from Rinse Bath & Body Co to leave pregnancy skin feeling smooth and nourished!

While maternity balms and lotions are ah-mazing, maybe you'd like to get something to celebrate the journey of motherhood. MMB has beautiful Bola
necklaces from Cache Coeur that can be worn for years after baby is born.  Bolas have long been worn by pregnant women of Bali and Maya cultures and is worn low so that it rests on your belly. It is believed the soft chimes soothe baby throughout the pregnancy. They have lots of styles to choose from. Some have
Swarovski crystals, black enamel, little baby footprints, or more classic looks.

If all else fails, we here at MMB always recommend our yummy treats. Of course the Bequet caramels are a favorite, but now there are Abdallah and Whimsical chocolates to add to the gift bag!


Lisa is a mama who has indulged in many MMB maternity products and cannot recommend them enough.        

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