Hooray for Hape Toys!

Hooray for Hape Toys!

Wendy Smith


Hape toys are a favorite brand for so many parents. They are the world’s largest producer of wooden toys. The toys to support your child’s development while creating those toys in a safe and sustainable way. Hape has toys available for every budget. From the super affordable Clickety-Clack Clapper to the highly rated Mighty Mountain Mine, no matter how much you have to spend, Hape has something within your reach that will make your little one smile!


The Best Classics

Hape makes great versions of classic toys like the first pounder and the little drum. They also combine some classics together to make one dynamic toy for your littles, like this shaper sorter xylophone. These push and pull toys are also fantastic! We’ve got a version of this one that my girl has used regularly since she could walk. It’s often turned into a vacuum! Not to mention, they're great for toddlers' gross motor skills.

You’ll also love the great musical toys that aren’t crazy loud, but are still well made
enough to withstand a toddler symphony. I feel like every kid needs access to this classic
toy piano!

The Heavy Hitters

The place where Hape shines is in the big classics. I bought this All Seasons
for my toddler this year and she loves it! We skipped the dolls because
 she’s into animals, so we got her a family of Calico critters to use in the house. They’re perfect! You can always grab some extra
accessories to fill out your mansion.

My other favorite Hape classics are the transportation toys. These high quality trains are super well made, and have lots of extra options, and my favorite part are that they’re brand free. I don’t know why, but I'm not into character toys for my kid. I love that these aren’t plastic, and they’re not covered in branding. All the varying pieces mean you can add to your collection according to your budget. I love the idea of grabbing a larger piece for a special holiday and adding smaller pieces to round out your collection over time.

Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her family and loves buying toys to keep for the long haul of parenting.

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