Giving Kids Consistency with Multiple Caregivers

Giving Kids Consistency with Multiple Caregivers

Erin Burt

My toddler’s always spent a lot of time going to different caregivers while my husband and I work. I’ve got very consistent regular babysitters, and a great list of back-up options in case of schedule conflicts or sickness.

Sometimes my girl ends up spending her day with different people that she’s not used to being with, and I’ve been working hard to give her some consistency in her day despite her varying schedule.

Here are the important things I make sure all my caregivers know about when they’re watching my girl. 

Sleep Schedule
My girl requires a lot of sleep, and always make sure my caregivers know the nap procedure and I make sure she’s got her sleeping bag. She’s pretty easy to get down otherwise. 

Snacks and meals
Thankfully my girl’s pretty used to a varied schedule and variety of meals. If I’m sending her somewhere unusual I always make sure to send along some snacks and meal items she’ll be content to eat. I also warn them that she’s at that stage of toddlerhood where she’ll sometimes eat everything in sight, and other times she’ll eat almost nothing all days long. I’ve learned to roll with the punches in the eating realm.

I always send my girl with a buddy to snuggle with. She’s a snuggly girl and she isn’t picky about which one I bring along, so that makes it pretty easy to just grab whatever friend is close and rush out the door. I also bring along a few books, since my girl loves to read. I tell my caregivers they can (obviously) do whatever they need to do with her, she’s pretty easy to take along on errands, and that I’ll send a couple of things I know she really likes to do.

Car Seat
This one is a bit of a toss up. I decided to buy an extra cheap car seat from Walmart to use with backup caregivers. That way I don’t have to regularly install my regular car seat. When I show up at their house I always ask if they want the car seat installed in their car. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. I think it’s important to have the option available.

It’s so nice to have lots of options for your children when you’re working. Always remember to be thankful to the caregiver and make sure you know they’re loved and appreciated.

Jenny Ditch has one daughter and lives in Illinois and is so thankful for all the people who love her girl while she’s working!

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