How to Survive Teething

How to Survive Teething

Erin Burt

Everyone knows that teething is hard. Teething, especially in the first year is usually my first
expectation whenever my girl is struggling for some reason. I’ve learned that teething can be the culprit for lots of symptoms, including lots of drooling, chewing, lack of appetite. You can also expect some sleep troubles, and even a low-grade fever, but a fever shouldn’t last more than 24 hours.

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do for teething. Here are some great tips that you either have around the house, or will probably pick up at the store this week:

Give your little one a hard vegetable or fruit to gnaw on like an apple slice or a carrot.

Grab a washrag, get it a little wet and throw it in your freezer. Once it’s nice and frozen give it to your little teething monster and see if that helps their struggles calm down a little.

Try a frozen waffle. It may not be the most natural option, but the cold is great on their teeth, and it’ll eventually break down into a mush that’s easy for baby to eat.  

A cold spoon
is easy for your little one to chew on, just make sure your little one doesn’t chew on the handle!

The best news is that MMB has a lot of great teething helps.  I love to use the Bye Bye Teething Hello Sleep for my girl whenever she’s irritable.  I’m not sure how much it helps with teething specifically, but it definitely helps whenever she is struggling.  You do need to wait until about 6 months to use this though. 

The previous generation of moms had those mesh feeders that got all sorts of mess in them and took ages to clean.  But now, we have the awesome Boon Pulp that is so much easier to clean, and is still just as easy for your little one to use.  I use these for teething all the time.   You can easily fill them with some frozen milk, a small ice cube, or some fruits or veggies.  The sky’s the limit with the Boon Pulp! 

And since your little one is always chewing on everything you’ve got on, give these chewbead jewelry pieces a try.  You can find something you can feel confident wearing, while also safely letting your little one get some relief from their new teeth.

Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her husband and little girl and isn’t looking forward to the 2-year molar stage.


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