Packing Your Hospital Bag with MMB

Packing Your Hospital Bag with MMB

Abbie @ MMB

I’m a few weeks away from the arrival of my 4th little miracle baby. I am excited, but boy, am I nervous! I have been thinking lately that I need to start packing my hospital bag. Luckily, MMB is there to help. Here are some must haves for your hospital bag from MMB.


  • Chocolates and Caramels Any nurse or doctor would be happy to have a little treat. If you feel like it, get some chocolates and caramels for your hospital staff. BequetCaramels and Abdallah Chocolates are on my list for this hospital stay. Include some for you, too. You may want a treat after all of your hard work! Candy Club is another fun brand of candy that is sure to make anyone’s day at the hospital.


  • Copper Pearl I have loved looking at all of the Copper Pearl products during this pregnancy. So far, I have a hat, swaddle, bibs, and a nursing cover. All of these, except the bibs, are getting packed into my bag. I am having a July baby, so I purchased the Ruby set, since that will be his birthstone. They are soft and thick and worth every penny.


  • Mom Fridet: This is something new I purchased for this delivery. The Mom Fridet bottle is like a mom washer, but it is angled. So, it is so much better than the tiny water bottles that the nurse staff may give you for post-delivery care.


  •  CJ’s Butter: I have used this product on all of my baby’s bums and it also doubles as a great product for sore nipples from breastfeeding! I love the scents, too. Monkey Farts is a favorite. It smells like bananas.


  • Melissa and Doug activity books  I am purchasing some of these for my older kids to keep them entertained at the hospital. We love the Water WOW and the marker books. They aren’t messy and keep kids entertained. Even my 2-year-old can use them easily.


  •  Wetbag: Smartbottoms wetbags are my favorite. I plan on bringing one in my hospital bag to keep track of all of my little items. Toiletries, makeup, whatever I need to pack that is small will be perfect for my wetbag. Bonus- these are safe to wash in the washing machine and look new afterwards!


  •  Jujube: Since this is my last baby, I have been
    contemplating my diaper bag for a
    while. I have settled on the Be Right Back style from Jujube.
    Queen of the Nile is my current favorite print. I plan on purchasing a new diaper bag soon from MMB and having it ready to go for this new little baby. So much storage and so cute!

So, mommas, what are some of your must haves for your hospital stay? MMB has so many things to help you have a smooth and stylish trip to the hospital. Now, I should probably get started packing my bag.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 3 in Arkansas where she doesn’t like to procrastinate and loves hospital food.


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