Summer Swim Suit Guide

Summer Swim Suit Guide

Wendy Smith


When I had my little girl I emotionally prepared for the onslaught of clothing: I readied myself for the fancy dresses, the mountain of shoes, and the pile of pants, shorts, shirts, dresses, and tutus we’d end up with for daily life. I forgot about one thing: swimsuits. Thankfully that first year we were given a couple that worked out for us just fine. But, I wasn’t ready to have to decide between all the options for suits and rash guards! Cue: MMB!


This year, anticipating the swim struggle, MMB brought in a couple of new swim vendors to make sure our little ones are ready to hit the pool in style! I am so excited for the adorable long-sleeved rash guards! I’ve got a fair-skinned girl, so we need all the sun blocking help we can get!There are also plenty of options for swim hats.


Swim diapers are always helpful, but I’m super excited about these iplay swimsuits - guys, they’ve got the swim diapers built in! How cool is that? Florals are in for girls this year, and these suits are a great deal for a diaper and a suit put together!


RuggedButts are the coolest rash guards for the little man in your life! They’ve got great coverage, the fit is awesome, and the SPF rating is perfect. You can mix and match the tops and shorts to customize the perfect look for your little guy.


Your little ladies will adore RuffleButts. I do hate one thing about these suits. You see, we don’t really swim enough in the summer to justify the purchase of more than one, so I’m struggling with which one to take home this year! They’re cute and classy, while also being equipped with great a SPF rating! I can’t wait to see all your little ones on their summer adventures!


Don’t forget to cover your kiddos in the best sunscreen and some awesome sunglasses!


Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her family and looks forward to more swimming adventures this season!


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