Toys for 18-24 month olds from Mom's Milk Boutique

Toys for 18-24 month olds from Mom's Milk Boutique

Erin Burt

I’ve been gathering some ideas for my toddler’s Christmas list. I love to come up with ideas that will stand the test of time, and not be things I need to pass on next year. She grows out of clothes so fast, I like to focus on toys that I can keep for a long time! Thankfully, I’ve got lots of friends with kids of different ages to bounce ideas around with to come up with the best options for our toddlers this holiday season. 

Building Together
If you’ve not started building your Lego collection, the holidays are the perfect time to gather some duplos to start your budding engineer into understanding that things fit together and can be built into something bigger. Duplo’s are also going to be able to be great filler pieces for their collection as they grow, since they will snap onto the smaller Lego pieces as they get bigger. I kept my childhood Legos, and can’t wait to pass them along to my girl in a few years!

Active Toys
They aren’t just for the preschool kids! If your toddler is starting to climb the furniture, consider adding a wobbel board, a river, or some river stones to your household and try to focus their climbing energy a bit.

Snuggles and Stories
Sometimes I can convince my toddler to love one of our favorite JellyCats, and other times, she loves the cheap doll that has the gross hair…and when that happens. I remember all over again why I love our JellyCats, that always wash well, and hold up to toddler love! Grab your little one a new buddy to snuggle, and maybe a great blanket for their toddler bed and snuggle up with a few great books over the break.

Calico Critters
My little girl loves little tiny babies. So, I’m thinking of starting her out with a family of Calico Critters. We’re not quite ready for the accessories or furniture with all the very small pieces, but she’s ready for the small animals that can move their arms and legs. I’m just trying to decide between the koalas and the fuzzy hedgehogs, and I have no shame in telling you that I’m choosing those families because I think they’re adorable and I like unusual animals!

If you’ve not found the perfect idea for your toddler, feel free to check out my first birthday gift guide for some of our other favorites. I just looked at the list, and my 27-month-old still uses these so I can still attest to their longevity!

Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois with her family and buys toys intentionally, so she won’t have to get rid of them for a long time.

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