Toys For Active 3-5 Year Olds from Mom's Milk Boutique

Toys For Active 3-5 Year Olds from Mom's Milk Boutique

Erin Burt

Toys that engage kids in using gross motor skills help them develop muscular strength, endurance, balance, body awareness, coordination, and help them get those jitters out to make bedtime a little easier! Look no further than MMB for the best toys for the kiddos in your life that are always on the move.

Gonge is a toy company that has been around since 1966 that helps kids challenge their physical limits while encouraging imaginative play at the same time. The Riverstones or Hilltops create a fun, safe obstacle course right in your home or yard. Each is a different size and has rubber grips so they stay put as your child hopes from one to another.

Wobbel Waldorf Balance Boards they’re a mouthful to say but are a classic balance strength toy. Think stay in place surfing where your kiddos can rock back and forth. They are beautifully designed and support up to 440 pounds so it’s fun for the adults too!

You can’t go wrong with Micro Scooters for the older kids (5+). With a new and improved deck with better gripping, the curved handle lets kids cruise the neighborhood sidewalks like a pro. They come in lots of colors so you’re sure to find a favorite.

Fat Brain Clip Cloppers transforms feet into hooves! They are kind of like stilts, but a lot more fun and a lot more safe. Kids have to coordinate arm and leg movement to clop around indoors or outdoors. The top has a textured surface to prevent slips and the bottom has a horseshoe design that can leave behind the marks of your favorite little pony outside.

Lastly, the Wheelybug is the cutest little ladybug or bumble bee on wheels that you ever did see. It’s a ride on toy that little feet have to scurry along to get moving. They come in two sizes for either 1.5 years or 3+

Electronic toys are awesome and definitely an important part of development but the amazingness of these classic, sturdy, get-your-littles moving toys can’t be understated. Happy playing!

Lisa is mom to a wild toddler that would happily cruise around on her Wheelybug from dawn to dusk.


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