Warm Weather Must-Haves

Warm Weather Must-Haves

Abbie @ MMB

I always find that I wish I was a little more prepared when we go for an outing once the weather is nice. I also find that by the end of the season, I’ve either found what we needed, or decided I didn’t really need it after all. Here are a few things I'm thankful for when the weather warms up:

Ems for Bubs/Kids

Ems for kids and ems for bubs are so useful for us! My toddler isn’t a fan of loud noises, and we’re musicians, so we bought a pair of these for our newborn and moved up to ems for kids once our baby could move her head around enough to knock the ems for bubs off. Here’s my very technical recommendation for which pair to buy: determine if your child is fairly mobile, and when in doubt, go for the kid’s version.


Outdoor Blanket

I inherited an outdoor blanket from a friend last year, it was a game changer! No more trying to remember to haul all the bag chairs or remember which blanket was the gross one we used last time we wanted to sit together outside. Just one handy item, designed to make the process of being outside easier.




When my baby was old enough to start playing the pick-up game, I wish I’d grabbed a Grapple. Grapples are like pacifier leashes on steroids, using one of those to eliminate the dropping of toys, sippy cups, and pacifiers while you’re outside is a great way to improve your sanity level!  


Being outdoors is a messy endeavor. You never know when you’ll find yourself needing to handle a sticky situation. I recommend keeping a stock of wysi wipes around in case of messy emergencies. We’ve all found ourselves in a situation where our kids needed a good wipe-down that a baby wipe just won’t handle, now you can instantly solve that problem with just a splash of water!



Bumps, Bruises and Bug Bites

This year, since my kiddo is always on the go and independent, I’m grabbing a First Aid Hero stick for my bag. I’ll be ready for her inevitable distresses from all of our adventures.





Jenny Ditch lives in Illinois where the mosquitos are huge, the humidity is high, and the outdoor adventures are always limited by the pollen count.

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